Program Offerings

HIP HOP - Popping, Locking, Crumping, Fusion, B-Boy, Free & Street styles


LITURGICAL (Sacred Artistry) - Worship through spiritual movements, composition & choreography (Harrigan/Rhythmic techniques)

AFRICAN - Body Percussion, Folklore interpretive, Congolese, Senegalese & Saba formats (Dunham technique)

STEP - Rhythmic formations, combining clapping & stomping expressions in an

A Capella display


CREATIVE MOVEMENT - (Ages 4-8) Intro to Movement; students explore rhythms, timing & pattern formations

DANCE EXPOSURE - (ages 8-13) Liturgical, Lyrical & Inspirational

ANOINTED PRAISE - (teens 14-17) Liturgical, Lyrical, Contemporary

CONTEMPORARY INSPIRATIONAL - (Adult) Liturgical, Lyrical & Dunham technique

NEW PURPOSE - (Young Adult division 18-25) Liturgical, Lyrical & Inspirational

PERCUSSIONS - African drums & instruments: Djembe, Sackeray, etc

MIME - Expressive meaning through gestures, facial expressions, with no words to tell a story or ideas, which evolves from dance.

PAGEANTRY - an elaborate display or ceremony to usher in or tell a story with specific elements or props, which is transcended through rhythmic formations.

DANCE TECHNIQUES - Dunham, Harrigan, Limon, Horton

ENSEMBLES - The Ensembles: Liturgical, Lyrical, Inspirational, Contemporary Movement

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