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Harrigan Educational & Cultural Center Inc.
Course Enrollment & Required Documentation

Instructions: Please fill out and sign all forms. All fields are required. Course selection, payment, and submission of the following forms are all required for enrollment and to actively participate.

2023 Class Rates and Policies

  1. All Fees are due at the time of registration

  2. Fees include extra session for performance preparation and other services projects.

  3.  All classes must be purchased online in advance of class.

  4. Payments reflect the year’s tuition and are not based on the number of lessons or weeks.

  5. Teachers and schedules may change periodically

  6. Your email will not be shared with other companies

  7. No refunds, transfers, credits, or carry-overs for missed classes

  8. Emrollment includes All Fees including Registration and Course Payment

  9. Open enrollment: Fees will be prorated based on months within cycle.

  10. Classes that are canceled due to inclement weather and the facility is closed will be available online except African & Hip Hop Programs.

  11.   Refunds are only applicable one week from your start date. After that time no refunds will be given.


Select your course(s) of study

I have read the policy, agreed and understand all protocols

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