About Harrigan Educational & Cultural Center, Inc.

Our Mission is to provide discipline in the dance art forms that promote self-awareness, self-esteem, mental, physical and spiritual development.

We are dedicated to enhancing the spirit that allows students to grow. We are committed to exposing, developing and fostering an appreciation for form and style, as it relates to the various aspects of dance. HECC offers disciplines in Liturgical Laudation, Creative Movement, African, Lyrical, Step, Dance Exposure, Hip Hop & Pageantry. In addition, HECC provides fitness workshops.

We are the Artist-in-Residence at Grace Baptist Church, Mount Vernon, NY.

Dr. Harrigan also is available for Masterclasses for educational institutions, churches and conferences. She also offers lectures on dance history, with specialization in liturgical dance concepts and formats. Masterclasses are available at all levels and ages. The teaching program can be combined with other Center offerings.

The Center's expanded programs include instruction in the fine arts, visual arts, sound, lighting and fashion design. Additionally, we offer mentorship programs and workshops on artistic education instruction, as well as educating the community on health and wholeness.

Our Performance Concert Series are offered within presentations by independent producers. The Center offers two major annual performances. In March is our Dance Worship Service Series Production and in May is our Showcase Performance. 

The Ensembles & Touring Programs

The Repertoryy, Dance Choir, Witness and New Purpose ensembles are all available to present for all occasions.

The Genesis Concept & Dance Ministries

The Genesis Concept is a major work choreographed by Dr. Joyce Harrigan over a 10 year period. The specific musical genre: gospel music, combined with her style, forms a total movement and sound experience.

GENESIS - that exhibits the feeling that radiates from the core of our spirit.

GENESIS - is a collage of sacred works, depicting life's unavailable milestone. It touches the hearts of mixed audiences in various theatrical settings: churchs, the community & theatres.

GENESIS - Focus is to reach our constituents everywhere. This celebration transcends the body of work into movements. It explores the gospel, faith, love and spiritual relationships and creates inspired works.

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